PCB Power’s PCB manufacturing review

Today I’m going to review one of the well-known PCB manufacturers in India, PCB Power.

PCB Power is a 20 years old Indian PCB manufacturing company located in Gujrat, it also provides PCB layout, component sourcing, assembly & stencil manufacturing services.

Over the years I have used PCB Power services many times in various projects but I wasn’t able to review them as the PCBs I worked on were for commercial projects. Currently, I have been working on a personal project which is an extension of my earlier project call Constant Current Dummy Load.

Below is the 3D rendering of the PCB in KiCAD in comparison with the board I got from PCB Power.

“Above image is not clear as my mobile was not able to take a good picture in indoor lighting, the board actually came out very good!”

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PCB Manufacturing in Pune: Review

First of all Happy New Year fellow engineers !

This post is about reviewing PCB manufacturers in Pune. I had to start from scratch on this one, didn’t found any helpful post about this on the internet. So here is my note on the matter, hope it will be helpful. This post is based on the trial run of small quantity of PCB for my personal projects but few of the manufacturer I used also do PCB’s in quantity, contact links at the end of the post.

welcome image

“Slap on the Batman logo where ever you can. Its just nerd written all over it !!”

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