Landed on an Internship

Yay! I got selected for an internship at FEV India a multinational automobile engineering company.

First let’s catch up, I had my final exams of this year in May and then I got busy with the logistics of application for internships online (hence no blog posts) at last I got shortlisted in couple of them, first one didn’t work out but with FEV I had a better luck, the HR department was awesome there, they called me up, fix an interview with their senior engineer, he was great too, he just skipped all the unnecessary things during the interview, we had an engineer to engineer talk, he asked me about my past experience with microcontroller and my projects, he then explained me what technology I will be working on and asked me if I can do it. In few days, they informed me that I was hired. After that I visited the company for the first time, let’s just say it was awesome! I couldn’t take pictures there, they are very secretive about that. After some legal and official formalities, I started working there.

Now I been working there for about 2 weeks and it has been an awesome experience. I am been really lucky to get a chance to work on real industry-grade hardware.

There is just one wrinkle, I cannot share any of my work as I have signed an NDA. But I guess after all this, an experienced me will be a better me.



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