A Quick Update!!

Blog has stated getting some traffic and also its been few months I haven’t posted anything so this is just a quick update post on what I am working on and whats coming up.

First of all Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!!

Oh! What is that white stuff ? Never seen that one here before !!

On going projects :-

Constant Current Dummy Load – This is some thing I wanted to build for a long time as I play around a lot of batteries, power supplies and solar panels, this will be a opensource project and will surly share it here.

Fuel Injection System – This project is what I am doing for a client and they won’t be open sourcing it, but I will be sharing my experiance and also be linking stuff that help me through this project.

LED Driver – Basic application of a led driver IC,  will be sharing the schematic and the Gerbers.

MPPT charger circuit – This one is for my startup  making it with my friend, he might need some convincing to open source it. Again if not open sourced then will be pointing you to the thing that help me.

Blog posts on :-

Getting started on STM32 ARM micro-controller – It will just contain information on which development board I used and also what tool chain I am using, books to guide you and other basic stuff.

Manufacturing PCB in Pune, India :-  This is something that is coming in few day just waiting for delivery of boards, I have been working on multiple PCB getting some from overseas manufacturers and making couple of boards locally, one is from a reputed vendor and other one from a newbie who makes prototyping boards for real cheap lets see how they turn out to be.


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